Daniel Irizarry - IMDB

Dr. Raby--One never knows what will wash up in a tsunami.

Dr. Raby is born from total social retardation and the fear of interaction. He rejects violently the social pressure to be social. He is driven psychotic by small talk. He closes himself off. He even bottles up, seals and closes off every single one of his open orifices in order to block out social interaction that does not comply with his wild sexual desires.

A speech therapist. Surrounded by dysfunction speech, stutters, broken words, ticks, vocal tremors and quavers. His whole work is about people who can't socialize. He is constantly with people who suffer from social retardation. The doctor who becomes his own patient. He starts to assume their symptoms. He is bringing people back into society at the price of distancing himself.

He has an overwhelming sexual desire that consumes him- he finds himself assuming the verbal ticks and stutters because of his own incredible needs.

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