Camille O' Sullivan - IMDB

Miranda--Loves all eyes looking at her but her own. Like a vampire, she avoids long mirrors.

Miranda is a sex-pot who has lost control over her aging process. She fears the public gaze, but at the same time craves for onlookers in order to feel beautiful and important, again and again: an audience of strangers to satisfy her without judging her poorly. She is desperate for validation and doesn't inhabit the persona she demands all others to see in her. Everything she does is like a film performing in an epic of banality. She wants her every move to be applauded. A desire to be wanted and accepted. She is haunted by anti-aging advertisements. She is theatrical about banality. She perceives herself as a heroine from a great epic-a Madame Bovary, an Elisabeth I, a Cleopatra... but only for a second. Her Illusions of grandeur lead her to hold a magnifying glass up to her every gesture.

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