Pepper Binkley - IMDB

Maud--Like all mice, she is stronger than she seems.

Pack-rat. Sexually repressed. A romantic. She feels pressured by her husband to pop out children, but secretly she doesn't want to have any. A woman who is addicted to the material world, to objects. She defines her happiness through her purchases and through the acquisition of objects. She is the ultimate victim of capitalism, a woman numbed of emotion, protecting herself from herself and others by doting on things, objects, materials, which have no power to hurt her… unless of course, they break or are stolen. A bored housewife trying to fill the emptiness inside of herself, but who finds that nothing can fill her up. She is trying to be the perfect woman. She has consumption nirvana. She is filling the void inside of her through matter. You only matter in this world by the matter you've accumulated. Accumulation is her sexual pleasure. The act of purchasing something can only arouse her.

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