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Alice--Will come of age sexually with amputees due to her love of prosthetic devices.

Alice is a young girl obsessed with gadgets, mobile phones, Internet, texting, computer games, etc It is as if she has entered another plane of reality and her body is merely a container for her cyber-space interactions. She is obsessed with the mediation of the world- she cannot just exist in an objective reality, but must place a lens or a filter over her dealings. In a way, she herself has morphed into a gadget, a machine.

Raccoon eyes, she is wired up, mobiled up, game boy, play station, palm pilot, the i-pod lolita. Wires hanging from every pocket. She demands electromagnetic shock treatment to expand her brain.

She wants to interface with the stream of information. Map her synapses out into this flickering grid. Electrons passing through her arteries. Information glittering at the back of her eyeballs. She desires to take in and process every piece of electronic information and image. Half of the world is always awake and Alice wants twenty-four hours of news feed and rolling coverage. She is gluttonous and greedy to consume every detail she wants to saturate her soul with information. She wants to be at one with the technology. Friendships, parents, school, social responsibilities are all holding her back.

She perceives of herself as a technology nun. She is celibate for technology. A girl geek. She is Alice in a Wonderland of Information and becomes a Japanese animation character, an internet avatar.

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