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Alan--Will either convert to Islam or come out as a lesbian to add to the ensemble of oppressed he seeks to possess.

He is very skinny, frail looking white guy in his mid-thirties. He thinks he should have been born as Missy Elliott. He believes that her life completely resonates with his. He wants to slip into her shoes. Celebrities colonize our unconscious, they become our guardian angels our boyfriend or girlfriend or family member. They are secular icons. We can worship them. He desires to be Missy Elliott. Watching her sheer euphoria in being herself! You could be comfortable in your own skin-he is not and thinks the only way is to have her skin to be comfortable in it. His mind is in the wrong body. Miss Elliott blazes herself through his life. The celebrities stalk us-they are our stalkers-they imprint themselves upon you.

He's a Wall Street trader, unwilling to join in the macho posturing of the trading floor culture due to his skinny whiteness. Desires to circumvent entire process, as if to say, "I'm just not playing your game", hence attempt to etherically channel the Missy Elliott avatar power into his soul. He is merely the vessel for her energies. By partaking in her energies he becomes her, he transmutes into her. He wants euphoric self-hood. His own father, an alpha male, belittles him, makes him feel bad for not having a girlfriend. He sees one of her videos and in that moment decides that this is what he has been looking for.

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